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Advertising - Google AdWords

Google™ AdWords is a quick solution in getting on the first Google result page. InnoMarketing recommends you Google™ AdWords, because it is a tried system that works and can start from small budgets (3-4$ per day), and later it can continue for bigger budgets, or stop the AdWords campaign, depending on the results.

Google™ AdWords is a quick solution in getting on the first Google result page.

Depending on your offer and your competition, an AdWords campaign is succesfull or not.

How it works?

You have to create a campaign (or more) that are defined in a number of ads (title, two lines of text and link to a web site). Each ad will be displayed by the words / phrases chosen for it. Subsequently you establish a daily budget and the maximum amount you will pay for a click. As in most cases there is competition there is a bidding system that will establish the order of displaying the ads.

The ad's quality is very relevant also, not only the amount bid for a click. Thus even if the ad posted by us has a smaller bid value than the other it may be positioned first if it has obtained a larger number of clicks.

InnoMarketing recommends you to try Google™ AdWords because it can start with very small budgets ($ 3-4 per day) and then, depending on results, may continue with greater budgets, or the AdWords campaign can stop. Although many companies are skeptical, mainly because of the payment for each visitor AdWords is a system checked out that truly works .


A Google™ AdWords campaign can be done even by you, not necessarily by a specialized company. You can see the difference in the results.

From the first step, finding the keywords for the ad, InnoMarketing offers advantages: experience and appropriate methods for determining the best search for which your ads to appear. The "obvious" words can be very expensive because of the competition, and they must be limited, for only attracting the visitors who have the greatest potential to become your clients.

More advanced methods (for eg not to show the ad if they choose certain words in the speech) can be used only after proper training and experience. InnoMarketing continues optimizing the ads, especially for the words that are displayed, by "cross-segment" analysis to determine the results per phrase.


Many people are asking how to make their site appear in the left side, right under the searches.

There is a simple principle: to go up an ad must contain the words searched, and previously (when it was listed on the right side as a regular ad) to have acquired the larger number of clicks form the left listing to without payment. These are usually the words and phrases with a high commercial grade .

Certain visitors explicitly seek a product or service and are aware of the fact that they will find one of the companies that pay to post the ad on Google ™. A quality ad, able to get attention, will get, without a doubt, at the top of the search.


A first benefit is the immediate appearance of the visitors. Once started the ad campaign, your website will receive quality traffic that, if supported by a website that offers information about demanded services, will increase the portfolio of clients.

As in any marketing sector, the competition is in a continuous movement, so monitoring and improving of the AdWords campaign is essential. Google™ AdWords offers comprehensive statistics: number of ad views per search phrase, the number of clicks, average display position, costs, etc ... Based on these data you can evaluate the campaign and decide if the cost of the advertising campaign is profitable or not and you can improve it based on the results, can renounce at the words and phrases that have a low efficency and can select a form to attract more clients.


In time,more and more companies are attracted to use this service and there are periods, when due to the competition, the cost of an AdWords campaign causes losses. Companies that are "new" in AdWords can overpay for a click just to be the first search, and although that is cost inefficient for them, they will keep the campaign until they realize the losses.

An example of this dissatvantage would be the situation created in the early 2007 when there was an explosion of companies offering consultancy for various ISO standards. These companies have found a viable marketing solution in AdWords that doesn't require large start up costs (unlike an optimization campaign) and it is paid periodically according to the needs and gives immediate results. This agglomeration made a click to cost increasingly the cost of ISO campaigns also increased.


AdWords can be a very good investment in terms of reduced competition. In time the success in an AdWords campaign depends on a good management, a site with a pleasant design providing information and services in a clear format, easy to understand and a competitive offer.

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