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One Stop : Google™

Google's leading position on the search engine is a reality proved by researches and specialty charts, according to which Google is without a doubt the most performant and also the largest general Web search engine in the world, serving various interests of navigation.
In February 2007, in the United States, on a sample of 6.9 billion searches, Google's market share, in percentage was 48.1%, Yahoo!: 28.1%, Microsoft: 10.5%, Ask.com: 5.0% and Time Warner: 4.9%

The company's mission is to provide the maximum satisfaction in the search experience, both from the relevance of the results perspective and the time required to obtain these results.

The competitive advantages that Google so successfully outrunned the other search engines and managed to keep its "clients" loyal, are the words matching several issues that we can group into two major categories- search solutions and PR solutions.

1. Search solutions

1.1 The indexing centralized system Google, is able to cope with a very large volume of data, by registering it on an algorithm, designed to index and optimize the information structuring it into links, to reduce the search time.

1.2 As indexing documents is insufficient to ensure the quality of the results, Google makes the next step filtering the information according to the link structure associated to each page and the text link, focused on the most relevant phrase.

These two operations (based on the links structure to obtain a quality rating and using the links for a more accurate search), establishes in general terms, the Google Protocol search and selection of the most important and quality results.

2. PR solutions(public relations solutions)

According to specialists, in this category, the Google's search engine main advantages are represented by:

2.1 "The friendly interface",the design is accessible to a large number of users.

As company representatives said, Google aims to make "the informatics public, accessible and useful for the world."

2.2 Own methodology

Aware of the fact that success is not an issue that exclusively depends on Google, but a problem that concerns all those use Google, the company choose public a methodology that has the advantage to be especially supported by the Google search engine.

The following section sums up the most important Google working principles for creating a professional site.

Taking these issues into consideration and appling them, is a matter of web "hygiene" for Google. That is because their application facilitates "finding, and indexing and positioning your site", for Google search engine and its partners.

2.2.1 Design and content guidelines

It is extremely important that your site architecture to be as clear, logical and easy to use as possible. Pages must be related so they can be easily discovered. You can even attach a site map for a more efficient navigation. The site content should provide consistent information for the reader you have in mind. A good strategy to reach the readers interested in your site, is inserting in the text those keywords that your focus when when launching a specific search.

Google recommends the use of text rather than images to display important information, names or links. If you prefer dynamic images you must make sure that they are indexed by the search engine, because many search engines don't recognize and don't index dynamic images. Also make sure the HTML format is accurate and the links are active. Don't make pages with too many links.

2.2.2 Technical guidelines

Usually, for a better indexing, avoid JavaScript Cookies, session IDs, frames, XHTML, or Flash as most of the browsers fail in interpreting them right. A solution for avoiding these inconveniences, is running robots.txt on your web server, as this file informs the search engine about the files than can be visited or not.

2.2.3 Qualitative benchmarks

When building your site put your clients first and only after that take into consideration the search engine. The content you give for the users must be the same as the one offered for indexing, any trick used to improve position in ratings is being penalized by the search engine. In practice, avoid exchanging links with "bad fame" sites (ex.web spammers) just to increase ratings. Google does not recommend any unauthorized use of those programs designed to verify charts or include pages in the ranking as well as applications like WebPosition Gold, that sends automatic or systematic complaints by Google. In addition, it is forbidden the use of hidden text or links, the irrelevant words from the theme of your site and more pages with the same content.

Ignoring these "tips" or using unauthorized practices will lead to a negative reaction from Google sanctioned accordingly, most times by excluding the site from the list of search engines.

Finally, for giving your site a expressive description, it is recommended to relate your site to other relevant specialized sites, and submitting to Google http://www.google.com/addurl.html, Open Directory Project and Yahoo.

2.3 Alternative Information Google

To facilitate Google-client dialogue, the company provided the service Google Alerts ( www.google.com/alerts ) through which the client can receive, by e-mail, the information he needs, by registering free by his/her mail address.

In case you are not close to a computer, Google offers it's services via mobile. For these users, Google developed the Froogleing, ( http://labs.google.com/frooglewml.html ), through which the users can access an online shopping catalog, but that does not include products description only their price. It was created to enable a comparative assessment price.

2.3 Alternative services

From the beginning until now, Google has permanently brought suggestions for improvement, which proves the real vocation and support for the "big things". Services by Google are already popular like Google Lab (http://www.labs.google.com) Google Maps (http://www.google.com/gmm/index.html), Gmail, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Talk, etc...

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