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Traffic - Google Analytics

Online marketing without analyzing the results is like selling a product you made without taking a look on it first. No matter the results of the promotion process, "the product" must be analyzed.

Modern traffic monitoring applications offer complex statistics, they do not limit to the number of visitors and the source of the visit, among which can be mentioned: the time spent on your website, the number of pages viewed, the last page each visitor viewed before leaving your site, etc.

All this information can give a very clear view of how your website is perceived by visitors. The pages that drive many of the visitors away from your site can be improved or completely deleted, also the pages that have a small visiting time can be improved or relocated in the structure of your site (the link), you can find the traffic sources that have a small productivity and alternatively you could decide not to use these anymore.


InnoMarketing recommends the use of Google Analytics.

Possibly the best web based service that offers traffic monitoring, Google Analytics is offered freely. The fact that it is free should not put in doubt it's quality as is the tendency in regard to free services because many major corporations offer some free services to increase the brands value and for publicity reasons (another example is the free Yahoo! Mail).

Apart from the first page, where you find general data about the number of visitors, the number of visited pages, the number of pages viewed on each visit, you can find complex reports about keywords that lead to your pages, the efficiency of the AdWords campaign (if you opted for such a campaign), the pages most visited, etc. For all data that you find here you can make "Cross Segment" analyzation, that is to isolate reports on specific segments: traffic source, key words, visitor, country, city, new visitors and many more.


To be able to evaluate the success of SEO implementation in a website it is not enough to limit to evaluating the number of new visitors.

The traffic quality and visitor interest as well as the source of the visit are very important, and these should be "Cross Segment" analized by key words.

In Google Analytics this can be easily generated, and saved in a nice appearance for later use. Thus with a minimum setup you can have at your disposal the reports of the efficiency of your SEO campaign which will help you make a better evaluation of efficiency, of the strong and week spots.


Because the data is recorded and stored by Google, the client is assured of the fairness of the statistics.

Also compared to other solutions like www.trafic.ro you can enjoy the confidentiality of the reports. In the case of the latter mentioned you are exposing to competition who, able to view reports about your website's activity, can improve their own online promotion efforts based on your experience.

Google Analytics is the only service of this sort, that integrates the data of AdWords campaigns. Google Analytics is the world wide leading service on this segment, of integrating and processing data from AdWords campaigns, leaving behind far more sophisticated software. This and the fact that it's free make Google Analytics the most appropriate instrument to satisfy the need for monitoring and reporting website performances for more than 90% of online business.


Under the conditions imposed by the current economic climate, leaving you in the situations of making choices as soon as possible, Google Analytics is the instrument that allows you to analyse in real time the impact of you actions online.

The statistic reports give you the possibility to identify the strong and week spots of your campaigns, so that your future efforts should focus on improvement and reduction of the minuses, continuously adding value to your website. Google Analytics is the best tool to use for a strategic and risk free approach to online activity.

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