Headquarter change

InnoMarketing grows with two new members: Alexandru Raileanu (project manager, software development) and Ana Demeny (web development and SEO). Because the old headquarters is no longer big enough, we eagerly await to move in the new location, 25 Tablei street, where we have a full house at our disposal.


The team is growing

Two other programmers join the team here at InnoMarketing: Alexandru Titire (web development, CSS master) and Cosmin Dumbrava (web development). Now that the team extension we started working on the new administration module for websites, as well as on the tourism portal. As a result of the feedback received from customers, InnoMarketing started working on a new upgrade of the services offered.


Opening of the headquarters in Brasov

As a result to the increase on number of web development and online marketing requests, InnoMarketing established a new development team in Brasov. The new team is composed of: Andrei Raileanu (web development & software development), Adriana Copacel (web design & SEO) and Alexandru Stanciu (management & software development). The headquarters is set up on 18 Saturn street, Brasov.


August 1st - InnoMarketing is founded

After 7 years of work in IT, for romanian and foreing companies, I was completely dissatisfied with the lack of interest the managers showed for modernizing their software platforms and creating new reusable solutions of higher quality. Therefore at the beginning of 2006 I was starting negotiations with my future business partner and on August 1st 2006 we founded InnoMarketing. Because the online marketing service in Romania was underdeveloped, and the little that there was used


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