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Brief info

Developing solutions with forward- and backward-compatibility in mind is what we do for a number of years now and it is giving us the possibility to have outstanding results at each and every stage that a project might go through during time.

Our strategy is to increase the value of your online business through a continuous diversification of web functionalities, so that the end user to be able to enjoy new and new possibilities and opportunities online.

As time and money are two driving forces when starting a web development project for your business,  re-using technologies, where possible, gives us both time and  flexibility to be truly creative and in the same time price competitive.

By this we're highlighting a common sense aspect of  the world wide web that makes it truly enjoyable for everyone from users to web developers looking to fulfill their potential and businesses in their growth . 

Regardless of the choice you make on how to improve or upgrade your site, our team ensures that your site works correctly in all major browsers, a detail that seems minor but has a major impact for your business image, regardless of the direction the user comes from.

Our experience

  • Programming languages Java/JSP, C#, PHP, JavaScript
  • Frameworks ASP.NET, Java, Ruby, QCodo
  • Databases Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQLite
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