Content Management

The IT domain has developed at a very increased speed. In the current context, any website requires a database.
Innomarketing has created an application that can manage the data for most websites and can do it fast.

Data Administration

Using our data administration module, you will be able to access the data of your web applications from any computer connected to the interrnet.
With our application you can delete, add or replace any information, whether it's text, image, video, etc...

Contacts Management

In order to succeed, any company must be very well organized.
Our contacts management application is web-based which makes it very easy to use. It can store any information that a company might need, so it is the optimal solution for managing contacts.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is meant to be a solution to easily fulfill even the highest levels of expectations. Unlike other web sites of this type, our gallery is based on a data administration module able to store thousands of pictures and the resize operations needed are made automaticaly with no effort from you.

Template System

Our template system allows you to separate the programming of your web site from the design.
You will be able to organize your site and change its interface independent of the business logic and the location of the data (the data base, files, etc.)

Site on CD/DVD

Discover Romania presents, in six languages, Romania with all its wonderful places, filled with traditions so carefully kept for hundreds of years. Our credit is to have integrated a big site on a DVD.

Video & Chat Box

Video & Chat Box is a base project for client server based applications, which offers you the possibility to create topic chat rooms. The application offers webcam and microphone support, with all the advantages that come with them

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