Contacts Management

Organising contacts

In order to succeed, any company must be very well organized. Our contacts management application is web-based which makes it very easy to use. It can store any information that a company might need, so it is the optimal solution for managing contacts.

The fileing systems have proved to be inefficient for organizing an active firm. For this companies, Innomarketing has created a contacts management application.

Our solution

The application stores information about each client: name, telephone numbers, the product, the person in the firm responsible for the client, dead line, and the list can go on as the information stored varies with the companies work field.

The contacts management application is the proper solution for organizing contacts as it is web-based, easy to use, easy to customize and upgrade.

Data security

All information kept in the contacts management application, can be accessed only by assigned users. The users receive usernames and passwords from an administrator.

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