Content Management

Do you want your website to be permanently updated for minimum expenses?

Now, this is possible.

The IT domain has developed at a very increased speed. In the current context, any website requires a database. Innomarketing has created an application that can manage the data for most websites and can do it fast.


The data administration module is very easy to use and can be easily applied on most PHP/MySQL web sites.
The content of your web site can be modified by multiple users simultaneously, you don't necessarily have to know HTML or CSS (only for advanced uses) so the updating becomes cost effective. If you wish, the application can be integrated in your site for a quick access.
You can create categories for the data base tables and choose icons for each category or table. Also, you can check the changes made to your site by accessing the "View Website" button.

Another great advantage is that our application can be used on almost any project. The data administration module is a very good choice if you want a professional project permanently updated.

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