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Discover Romania

Discover Romania presents, in six languages, Romania with all its wonderful places, filled with traditions so carefully kept for hundreds of years.

You can find everything you need, from history to a list of every festivals and celebrations, from food recipes to social care institutions.

Easy to find your way

The site is organized into main chapters that lead you to the subject wanted.
For example, from the Provinces section you can choose the wanted region by clicking it on the map. At this point you will see a list containing every city of the region. In this way you can learn about traditions, historic and natural monuments, about any location.

The company's involvement

Innomarketing has done the business logic for this project.

Behind Discover Romania there is a very complex database. The database stores the whole content, all the text, images and videos of the project. For inserting the information into the database, we used the data administration module, which brought the project to it's final stage sooner than expected, because the information could be added and edited easily by multiple users simultaneously.

Discover Romania is available on DVD and doesn't require any installation. You only have to insert the DVD and you get a real encyclopedia.

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