Template System XML only

Do you want to separate the programming of your web site from the design?

Our template system allows you to separate the programming of your web site from the design.
You will be able to organize your site and change its interface independent of the business logic and the location of the data (the database, files, etc.)

The modern applications are built on a 3-tier architecture which treats the interface, the business logic and the information as 3 independent modules. Thus, you can modify different parts of a module without interfering with the other 2 modules, for example you can modify the way certain information is being stored without affecting the interface.

Using our template system you will be able to transform your website into a 2-tier application (with interface and business logic modules) at minimum effort, turning it into a 3-tier application will depend only on the later business logic.

Easy integration

The interface module is defined by the template files which customize the display. These are XHTML-like files but can have different tags or attributes for reading PHP information. With these attributes you can establish the content of some HTML tags, their attributes, or including other template files. In this way you can easily transform the PHP arrays into HTML repetitive structures, or customize the view based on different parameters.

You can use more template files for different pages, but also for including other template files. Thus, you could create template files for your site's modules, like a news summary, and then include it by a single code line in any page you want. You need to create an associative array in PHP that feeds information to the HTML tags and will transform the template file into the wanted page.

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