Video & Chat Box


Video & Chat Box is a base project for client server based applications, which offers you the possibility to create topic chat rooms. The application offers webcam and microphone support, with all the advantages that come with them.

From technical support, to video conferences, surveillance, web projects integration, Video & Chat Box is ready to to adjust in order to fulfill your needs.

The server

The sever component was implemented using C++ for maximum speed and compatibility and it manages connections, updates, saving offline messages, etc...

The server can be integrated and used by other applications because it has a full mechanism of notifying events and the possibility of receiving instructions. This interfacing is made based on TCP/IP connections and, when the speed is a critical factor, you can recompile for performing the operations needed.

The client

It represents the soft used by the final user. Mostly it is a list of contacts, a list of chat rooms, the possibility of opening in TABs more conversations, webcam previews (when the webcam is active) and access to different settings for the application and for the devices used.

Currently is working on a C++ system, able to customize the graphic interface, based on HTML and CSS.

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