Website development

There is a constant buzz on how a website should be build to generate traffic or boost online sales.
We build search engine friendly websites that meet customer's accessibility standards making them spend more time and if the case money on your pages and enjoy each and every visit.

Web solutions

Maximizing the value of your online business by enabling users to experience new web functionalities is a core activity at Innomarketing.
Integrating new applications and extending the ones already running is an opportunity that online business can take advantage of with affordable development costs since Innomarketing does not seek to "reinvent the wheel" and build from ground, but to consequently make use of tested, error-free scripts that the development community Innomarketing is part of, has already released.

Graphic design

Regardless of the medium (online/ offline), designing is for Innomarketing a highly interactive process of listening up, looking around, feeling the client’s business pulse and the world he moves in, as we are determined to come up with the best and most effective visual concept.



If your interest is in having customers driven from your website more than in having traffic ( as for pure traffic you don't necessarily need to develop a copyright campaign) Innomarketing provides you with personalized text messages, to measure up with your business goals.

Online marketing

One reason for encouraging the online businesses to regard  online marketing campaigns, is beacuse  a solid internet marketing campaign will not only look for strategies to improve your e-business performance by subscribing your website to major directories, or by developing Ad-words campaigns or link-exchange activities. A serios, solid  internet marketing campaign will emphasis on valuable search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, the foundation for a long term successful website from both search engine and end-user perspective.

Desktop applications

Aiming to help organizations improve performances and achieve better business results, Innomarketing offers powerful, flexible desktop applications build to run on  Windows or cross-platforms.

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